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Cutting back on email clutter

Email is the blessing and bane of modern business. A tool that singlehandedly can change your marketing, communication, customer service, and project management for a company. At the same time, email has become the never-ending relentless march of communication that becomes an impossible burden to keep tabs on in business. The average office worker now… read more

When you’re ready to take your ‘solopreneurship’ to the next level

If you’re like nearly 18 million people in the US, you’re operating your business as a solopreneur. That means you’ve been doing everything, from making sales to refilling the printer paper. But what happens when your business grows beyond what you can do on your own? It’s time to call in reinforcements. But it’s not… read more

Tips for tracking employee time

As important as tracking employee time is for organizations, it is typically tough to get employees jazzed about it. From their point of view, it’s at best a minor administrative nuisance. At worst, it’s a waste of time entirely. According to this analysis from Small Business Trends, the cause of the “but I don’t wanna” attitude… read more

Four steps to ensure IT security in the cloud

For companies of all sizes — and increasingly, governments — adopting cloud computing for IT services makes business sense. The cost savings, efficiency, and flexibility are just too impressive to ignore. But, despite the benefits and rising cloud prevalence, some security professionals still have concerns, particularly regarding identity, data, and visibility. And whether it’s public,… read more

Tax changes that come with summertime weddings

Taxes may not be high on your summer wedding plan checklist. But you should be aware of the tax issues that come along with marriage. Here are some basic tips from the IRS that can help keep those issues to a minimum.